Every MRP contains
a fatal flaw

But there is a fix to improve stock availability, lower operating costs and rein in excess inventory by 25%
(or even more)

roadrunner Rx by Montera

  • Better item availability

  • Lower operating costs

  • 25% inventory reduction

  • roadrunner Rx plugs directly into any ERP

Modern MRP algorithms are highly sensitive. They require accuracy and often a forecast of future orders

The problem is that achieving accuracy and a reliable forecast is not just challenging. It’s impossible.

Employees are forced to step in to try and save the day. Their intuition is required to protect the business from two contradictory but costly consequences:

  • Ballooning, imbalanced inventory that increasingly consumes your cashflow

  • Shortages of stock that compromise sales revenue and cause unhappy customers

roadrunner Rx: a new algorithm to calculate material requirements

roadrunner Rx uses an algorithm that draws on the well-established principles of Demand-Driven Replenishment (DDR).

DDR doesn’t use forecasting. It accounts for changing customer orders, as well as unreliable plant and supplier performance. It wholly removes the need for operator/management guesswork. And it plugs directly into any ERP. There is no additional IT investment.

We know from experience that the roadrunner Rx algorithm works. Scores of manufacturers supplying complex, multi-part sub-components to global OEMs rely on it every day to decide what to buy and make.

Let us simulate your inventory with roadrunner Rx

Simply provide us the inputs for your last 12 months of transactions. We’ll model your material requirements and compare it to actuals using roadrunner Rx. We’ll then show you the difference in what you should have ordered versus what you did.

It’s the fastest, easiest way to gauge just how roadrunner Rx can help your company, and the potential savings and improvements to cashflow.

Request Rx simulation

Submit a request and we’ll be in touch to organize the details of your simulation.

Conventional MRPs vs roadrunner Rx

roadrunner Rx is one of four business optimization modules in the roadrunner ERP Expansion Pack

Four plugins. Simply bolt onto your ERP and go.


roadrunner Rx for Inventory Management

Use the power of Demand-Driven Replenishment to improve inventory turns. Achieve less inventory (and more cash) with greater availability.

roadrunner Mx for Production Management

Leverage Drum-Buffer-Rope production management for improved production planning and execution. Increase plant capacity and throughput.

roadrunner Px for Project Management

Apply Critical Chain Project Management to complete more projects on time and within budget. Deliver more projects, faster.

roadrunner Bx for Business Intelligence

Harness Throughput Economics to analyze how best to improve business performance. Monitor and maximize profitability.

The roadrunner ERP Expansion Pack delivers results

  • 20%

    Higher sales &

  • 50%

    Reduction in

  • 50%

    Shorter lead

  • 99%

    On time

  • 10%

    Increase in