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Is inventory imbalance hurting your bottom line?

Slash overstock and stockouts to unlock cash and drive revenue with Roadrunner Rx. All fully managed for you.

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Increase Product Availability
Increase product availability
Reduce inventory stockouts
Reduce inventory stockouts
Reduce inventory investment
Reduce inventory investment
Reduce manufacturing costs
Reduce manufacturing costs

Cut excess inventory by 25% or more

Roadrunner Rx Inventory Management Service uses our proprietary Demand-Driven Replenishment algorithm to dramatically reduce overstock and understock problems.

We account for changing customer orders, supplier reliability and plant performance to analyze, monitor and optimize your inventory levels in real time.

An intuitive dashboard shows you exactly how our “what to buy” recommendations increase raw material availability, boost productivity, unlock cash flow and increase sales.

  • Improve stock availability
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase production throughput

How it works

Daily reporting and recommendations eliminate forecasting guesswork.

Leverage the power of Demand Driven Replenishment approach for creating timely, accurate production and supply chain flow.

Understand precisely what you should order, at the right time, in the right quantities.

Strengthen supply chain resilience, maximize product availability and prevent costly stockouts.

Roadrunner Rx delivers results

  • Reduce Inventory (and
    release cash) by at least
  • Increase product
    availability to
  • Reduce lead
    times by
  • Increase delivery
    performance to

Our experts manage it all for you

  • Manage Component / Raw materials Buffer inventories
    • Design and re-size levels, locations & optimize turns
    • Help with New Materials replenishment introductions
  • Communicate Daily Order Requirements – What to Buy / Ship
  • Monitor Supply CHain Pipeline Status (ensure right supply)
  • Design and maintain Inventory Performance Scorecard
  • Evaluate Vendors and Purchasing Team’s Performance
  • Generate slow and non-moving inventory reports
  • Create Purchase Order Expedite List


Ideal for manufacturers supplying global OEMS

Product availability up.

Inventory levels and transport costs down.

This North American manufacturer makes approximately 3,000 individual SKUs —for multiple customers, spread out across North America, in a make-to- order environment (4 manufacturing plants and about 30 warehouses across North America.)

Operating on a 24/7 basis with a new ERP/MRP system, the challenge for this company was to find a way to maximize customer service levels and increase sales while minimizing transportation and inventory costs.

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The Roadrunner Rx difference

Conventional MRPs vs roadrunner Rx

Works with all popular ERPs

5 simple steps to get started

Send us your inputs. We’ll take care of the rest.

Phase 1:
Data analysis
and modelling

• Define, generate and verify integrity of inventory data set

• Analyze data, define buffering requirements and calculate inventory buffer sizes

Phase 2:
Process design and
software set-up

• Generate feedback and finalize inventory design (SKUs, locations, sizing)

• Set-up / Update roadrunner software and scorecard hosting services

Phase 3:
and Improvements

• Initiate inventory replenishment services including daily communication of What to Make and What to Buy quantities

• Define on-going communication mechanism and stakeholders involved

Phase 4:
Process feedback
and optimization

• Set-up Scorecard, KPIs and process monitoring frequency

• Evaluate impact on inventory turns, inventory imbalance and product availability

Phase 5:

• Initiate on-going service driving inventory performance improvements

Pay by the month.
No entry fee. No exit fee.

Reports include:

  • Daily order requirements (What-to-Buy)
  • Supply chain pipeline status (right supplies delivered at the right time)
  • Inventory Performance Scorecard
  • Vendors and purchasing team’s performance
  • Slow and non-moving inventory reports
  • Purchase order expedite lists

Get your FREE inventory imbalance report

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How do I decide if something should be kept in stock?

How do I decide if something should be kept in stock?

This is the most fundamental question asked by many operations management professionals…

Some business people believe that make to order mode of operation is the most efficient way of doing business. In most cases however, there is nothing further from the truth. Small inventory levels provide stability for your manufacturing floor and your overall supply chain.

roadrunner Rx provides visibility of any item transaction frequency, its related lead times, consumption level fluctuations and much more when deciding what to stock and what not to stock.

In addition, roadrunner generates suggestions based on these factors… However, new product introductions and end of life items require additional attention from your team. Rx IMS guarantees up to date decisions on which items should be stocked or handled to order.

How do I know which items to buy/make today?

How do I know which items to buy/make today?

Well, roadrunner Rx is constantly generating both What to Make and What to Buy requirements. We have the ability to look at all Purchase to Stock & Purchase To Order as well as Manufactured to Stock & Manufactured To Order items. roadrunner’s suggestions are highly accurate, because unlike typical forecast driven MRP, they are mainly based on actual consumption and confirmed demand. In addition, roadrunner Rx automatically identifies current stock shortages to ensure your product availability.

This quantity to be purchased or manufactured will be shown in the Buy This or Make this column on the What to Buy or What to Make Screen.

Once the suggested quantity is greater than the Minimum Order Quantity or an MOQ, the suggestion to make or buy gets created. The best news with our Rx IMS is you don’t have to worry about the complexity of this screen and underlying supply and demand algorithm because the output of the make and buy requirements will be sent directly to your ERP system for you to act on.

Which Work Orders / Purchase Orders should I push out or cancel?

Which Work Orders / Purchase Orders should I push out or cancel?

Quite often we wonder, have we already placed too many orders?

Well, roadrunner Rx provides real time visibility of both Work order & Purchase order requirements. The column “Over Ordered Quantity” identifies the overages within a supply lead time on an item by item basis.

Rx IMS provides a monetary value in which a given item is over ordered based on current supply vs. current demand. Our service will automatically generate a report that identifies value and duration of each item overage for your team to act on.

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