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The Roadrunner ERP Expansion Pack Implementation Service

Organizations seek our expertise in implementing Roadrunner Expansion Pack modules for four reasons…


Because “expanding existing ERP” is necessary to dramatically increase profitability.


Because a faster Implementation delivers financial results more quickly.


To keep the Implementation on track and the change management process in line with the TOC Improvement Vision.


To ensure there are processes in place to make the Implementation sustainable after the initial success and our consultants leave.

Accelerate Flow Management System results

Clients engage us to oversee and manage the installation of Roadrunner modules when they want to develop a complete Flow Management System to significantly improve operational and financial performance.

Typically this process begins with Solution Design — we identify the root causes of persistent problems with lead times, forecasting, inventory, capacity, on-time delivery, and establish the best approach to eliminating them.

This deep dive determines which Roadrunner modules are required and the ideal sequence for implementation.

The Executive Workshop

We present the results of our analysis at a roundtable attended by your senior people, providing a clear roadmap to drive improvement. You’ll know what you must change and where, and clearly understand the bottom-line benefits you can expect.

We guarantee results

Based on more than 20 years’ experience, we are confident in our ability to identify value. We fully refund the cost of the Business Assessment if we are not able to show a client how to do at least one of the following:

  • Increase effective operating capacity by 25%
  • Reduce Project lead time by 25%
  • Reduce overall inventory by 25%
  • Improve product availability by 25%

Making it stick

Naturally, there is some technical work required to get the modules up and running. But what we often find is that reaping the maximum potential from Roadrunner requires a strong program to embed changes in thinking and behavior across your various teams.

Our consultants are adept at change management and up-skilling your team to understand Theory of Constraint (TOC) principles. We offer workshops on TOC concepts such as Drum-Buffer-Rope, Demand Driven Replenishment, Critical Chain Project Management, and Throughput Economics and their practical application as you begin to extend Roadrunner throughout the organization.

Typically, our consultants support project teams on a weekly basis, building necessary infrastructure, driving implementation progress and working on change management.

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Roadrunner Rx Inventory Management Service

Not ready to implement a full Flow Management System? Many customers start with our Roadrunner Rx Inventory Management Service.

This cloud-based fully managed SaaS solution cuts inventory by 25% or more. The Roadrunner Rx algorithm fixes inventory imbalances that consume cash flow and slow sales using proven Demand Driven Replenishment principles for:

  • Lower operating costs improving profitability
  • Rapid inventory reduction
  • Fewer shortages increasing sales

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